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Inspired by the bright vibrancy of Hawaii’s tropical fruits, our Island Glow Collection captures the perfect swim pieces everyone is sure to love.
Seamless, vibrant, and fun, this capsule collection is limited and will go fast! 
Made in Brazil, the fabric used to create the silky, smooth collection is degradable. We're helping to keep our environment safe as well as providing our Merbabes with UV 80+ protection - the highest rating of UV protection any article of clothing can offer. Even the most sensitive skin will fall in love with the light textured material each 'kini provides.  
This collection features San Lorenzo Classic styles, as well as unique sporty cuts - for the beach and yoga alike. With all bright, solid colors including classic black and white, you’re sure to stand out in your timeless bikini from Island Glow. 
Shop your faves before they sell out! 


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