About Us

San Lorenzo Bikinis was founded in Lima, Peru. A young girl with an abundance of passion and love for the ocean moved to Hawaii from Lima  to attend college, trading one tropical home for another. After moving to the islands, she soon realized that there was a noticeable gap in the market for her favorite South American swimwear. An idea began to flourish, and soon, with help from her family back in Peru, San Lorenzo Bikinis would start production to bring the latest trends in swimwear to the islands, introducing Hawaii to the fused vibes of sol, praia and aloha.

 Together, the Figueroa family has grown their business to manufacturing facilities in both Lima, Peru and Sao Paolo, Brazil. In 2002, the unique designs reached the islands of Hawaii and instantly became the go-to bikini shop. Starting with a humble storefront close to the University of Hawaii, by 2005 San Lorenzo Bikinis had opened two storefronts in Honolulu. Local girls had fallen in love with our cheeky, reversible, Brazilian-cut bikinis!  Smaller tan lines and no baggy bum, San Lorenzo Bikinis started trending all over the islands! As demand continued to grow, we opened our online store and even more retail locations, as well as continued to improve our product. We also had the privilege of being featured in Sports Illustrated's famous Swimsuit Edition. Not to mention being invited to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami to showcase our beautiful styles and prints. 

Now it's 2019 and we are still expanding! With brand new store locations opening, a growing list of outside retailers, a completely redesigned website and more amazing merchandise than ever, we are able to reach mermaids worldwide. 

Here at San Lorenzo Bikinis, we believe in sandy toes, salty hair, and the perfect blend of Brazilian swimwear and Hawaiian style. Our mission is to embrace the natural, effortless beauty of women. We believe all women deserve to feel beautiful, sexy and loved in every way. With each new collection, we celebrate that. Offering a diverse selection of styles and prints while maintaining a fun-loving and free-spirited flair. Our bikinis are flattering and well-constructed, catering to a variety of lifestyles from swimming, to surfing to tanning on the beach; we design to inspire, we exist for you.